News Excerpt
Government of India had launched a portal known as I-STEM portal which will act as the gateway for researchers to locate the specific facility/facilities they need for their R&D work and identify the one that is either located closest to them or available the soonest.

About I-STEM
•    Indian Science, Technology and Engineering Facilities Map (I-STEM) will provide easy access to expensive research equipment and facilities anywhere in India.
•    Institutes will provide access to researchers for both academic and non-academic work through an online reservation system.

    Better and optimum utilization of publicly funded equipment and also avoid duplication of these equipments to the maximum possible.
    Reduce the cost of doing research in India
    Provide essential equipment’s necessary and essential for regular use to each institute
    Boost the technical cooperation among various research institute.
    Compliments the Government initiative of Scientific Social Responsibility.
    Promote better synergies between Public and Private players.

    Ministry of Health and family welfare had launched a network of research & academic institutions working in the area of food & nutrition.
    It will comprise of 8 components:
o    Biological Nutrition  
o    Chemical Nutrition
o    Biological and Chemical labelling  
o    Food of animal origin
o    Food of plant origin
o    Water &Beverages
o    Food testing
o    Safer &Sustainable packaging.
    FSSAI will act as a nodal institution which will develop a ‘Ready Reckoner’ i.e. an inventory of research related activities  
    FSSAI will also collate and develop database on food safety issues for risk assessment activities.