News Excerpt
Recently, the month-long fuel conservation campaign of Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), Saksham 2020 was launched under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

•    Global fossil fuel consumption is on the rise, and new reserves are becoming harder to find.
•    We currently consume the equivalent of over 11 billion tonnes of oil from fossil fuels every year.
•    Crude oil reserves are vanishing at a rate of more than 4 billion tonnes a year.
•    If we carry on the same consumption pattern, our known oil deposits could run out in just over 53 years.
•    16 of the 20 largest oil fields in the world have reached peak level production making them too small to meet the global demand.
•    In order to keep average global temperature increases below 1.5°C, we need to leave up to 80% of our fossil fuel reserves in the ground.
•    By mid-2020s India will be the world’s largest growth market accounting for 25% of global energy demand growth.
•    Today 83% of India’s crude oil requirement is met through import.

Saksham 2020 is a flagship fuel conservation program of PCRA and Oil public sector undertakings under the guidance of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
    Aims to sensitize the masses about the conservation and efficient use of petroleum products towards achieving twin objectives of better health & environment and securing the availability of Oil & Gas for future generations.
    It also shows the way forward for enhancing Conservation capabilities of people and help understand needs, issues & solutions for effective utilization of petroleum products and also to give the message that collective participation is the key to Conservation.
    It aims to deliver a strong message that sustainable future demands conservation of natural resources.

    PCRA is a registered society set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India.  
    As a non-profit organization, PCRA is a national government agency engaged in promoting energy efficiency in various sectors of economy.  
    It helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation, aimed at reducing excessive dependence of the country on oil requirement.  
    It aims to become a center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons & environment protection for sustainable development on our inherent strength.

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