News Excerpt
Government of India had recently invited Brazilian President as a Chief Guest for the Republic Day parade in 2020. It will provide a boost to India’s relation with Brazil which is a prominent power in the Latin American region.

•    India and Brazil share historical relation, the famous Portuguese Pedro Alvares found Brazil instead of India on his way to Goa, thereby creating a link between the two.
•    During the colonial time, many Indians were transferred as indentured labor in the Latin American region.
•    Diplomatic relation between the two countries was established in 1948.
•    Both countries shared the common vision during the era of the cold war which was reflected in their joint opposition to the creation of the Non-proliferation Treaty.
•    In 2006, India and Brazil signed a strategic partnership based on a common global vision, shared democratic values.
Facets of India- Brazil Relations

    Economic Cooperation: The relationship between India and Brazil is viewed as a buyer-seller relationship which needs to be changed. Brazil played a crucial role in India-Mercosur Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) that improves India’s access to the large South American market.
    China Factor: China with its deep pockets has emerged as the largest trading partner of Brazil. This makes Brazil dependent on China, its influence can be understood from the simple fact that while the position of Asia in Brazil’s international trade has transformed, there remains no evident strategic vision for the Indo-Pacific region or India.
    Political cooperation: Despite being part of many multilateral arenas, India and Brazil are unable to develop a common vision.
    Climate Change:  Both countries have divergent views on the issue of climate change. India is committed to combating global warming while Brazil has rejected scientific studies on climate change.

    India and Brazil are both emerging economies with shared values. Hence, they can provide much needed push to reforms in Global Governance.
    They have a lot to learn from each other as they face a lot of common challenges. Hence their cooperation on various multilateral and plurilateral forums such as IBSA and BRICS will be very beneficial for them to come up with plans to deal with various global issues.

Lessons from Brazil
    India can learn major lessons from the Brazil in the field of Universalization of Healthcare, especially when it runs an ambitious scheme of Ayushman Bharat.
    Brazil has drastically increased its health coverage which has led to increase in life expectancy, reduction in Infant Mortality Rate and increased vaccination every year.Millions of people take hospital admission and undergo ambulatory procedures. This has been made possible with a very tightened budget (3.8% of Brazil’s GDP) which is way lesser than the NHS 7.9% of Britain’s GDP) of UK
    Brazil provides number of lessons for India such as:
o    Provide Universal Healthcare, a constitutional status, the same what India did with Primary education.
o    Creation of community-based healthcare network of health care workers for expansion of coverage. There must be door to door assessment and awareness
o    Give up on the one-size-fits-all approach especially in the wake of heterogeneous regional realities.
o    Regional disparities in terms of resources and