Reciprocity to UAE
News Excerpt
Ministry of Law and Justice has declared UAE to be a “reciprocating territory” under Section 44A of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908.

•    The agreement was the only remaining part of a 1999 agreement between the UAE and India related to cooperation in civil and commercial matters
•    Reciprocating territories status makes decree passed by the court of those countries applicable in India, by filing a copy of the decree concerned in a District Court in India.
•    The scope of the Section is restricted to decrees for the payment of money, not being sums payable “in respect of taxes or other charges of a like nature or in respect of a fine or other penalty”.
•    It also cannot be based on an arbitration award, even if such an award is enforceable as a decree or judgment.
•    The courts whose decrees are accepted are termed as ‘superior Courts’.
•    India had earlier declared ‘reciprocating territory’ to the following countries:
o    United Kingdom
o    Singapore
o    Bangladesh
o    Malaysia
o    Trinidad & Tobago
o    New Zealand
o    The Cook Islands (including Niue)
o    The Trust Territories of Western Samoa
o    Hong Kong
o    Papua New Guinea
o    Fiji

    It will help in bringing down the time required for executing decrees between the two countries.
    Indian expatriates in the UAE would no longer be able to seek safe haven in their home country if they are convicted in a civil case in the UAE thereby providing justice.