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Recently, a quadripartite agreement was signed among the Centre, state governments of Tripura and Mizoram and Bru-Reang representatives to facilitate permanent settlement of Bru refugees in Tripura with a Rs 600-crore rehabilitation package. This agreement seeks to end the 23 years old Bru refugee crisis.

• It will provide huge relief to members of Bru ethnic community who were forced to flee from Mizoram in 1997. This created a refugee crisis in Tripura.
• Initially in 2018, an agreement was signed and a package was sanctioned, but many people did not want to go back to Mizoram due to various vulnerabilities.


 The new agreement will provide monetary assistance to create sustainable life for Bru refugees.
 The settlement of Brus will be cluster based.
 Both Centre and States will share the burden of remuneration packages.


 The agreement addresses the insecurities of a tribe that survived and fled violence.
 The decision is humanitarian from the point of view of the Brus, who were apprehensive about returning to Mizoram.
 The Brus would get voting rights in Tripura along with “tribal status”.

 The agreement would encourage the creation of ethnocentric States in the northeast
 It has the potential of creating conflicts between the Brus and indigenous communities of Tripura and Bengalis (as they had to vacate for Brus resettlement)
 Demand for such remuneration package can also be raised by other tribes such as Chakma
 There will also be pressure on the natural resources of the Tripura which already faces paucity of land. This might further escalate Socio-political tensions

This agreement is an important milestone in bringing fast-paced development to the state of Tripura. However, there is a need to weigh in the implementation challenges before doling out administrative reforms.

 The Brusare spread across Tripura, Mizoram and parts of southern Assam

 They are one of the most populous tribes in Tripura.

 Also known as Reangs in the state, they are ethnically different from the Mizos, with their own distinct language and dialect and form one of the 21 scheduled tribes of Tripura

 While Mizoram has as many as 40,000 Brus living in the state, in Tripura, their numbers stand at approximately 32,000, spread across six refugee camps in the state.

6th Schedule and autonomous district Council, Tribes of North East