The Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, the country's longest river bridge, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Assam, will provide a big boost to the Indian Army as it protects the nation's Northeast region against China.

The bridge, spanning 9.2 km across the Brahmaputra River, will ensure the smooth movement of troops to Arunachal Pradesh, one of India’s most remote regions that is claimed in full by China. The bridge will be named the Bhupen Hazarika Setu.

  1. The bridge across the Brahmaputra into Arunachal Pradesh is a great strategic shift in the thinking in the Indian defence establishment regarding infrastructure development in the borders with China. 
  2. The new infrastructure will help the Indian military to be prepared for a decent rebuttal to ward off any misadventure from the Chinese side. 
  3. The Rs 2,056-crore strategic bridge at Sadiya in Assam's Tinsukia district, which PM Modi inaugurated even as he completes three years in office, will provide an important boost to the logistics capability of the military along the Indo-China border.  
  4. In Arunachal Pradesh, which China considers South Tibet, India will follow the bridge over the Brahmaputra by building a 2,000-km highway in the state at a cost of $6 billion.
  5. The bridge is a 12.9-metre-wide external post-tensioned design. It has 183 spans, each of 50 meters, along with a two-lane connecting road from Dhola Bazaar to Islampur Tiniali.
The benefits of the bridge
  1. The bridge will be one of the vital links in this region which will not only provide relief to the existing transport network but also invite various developmental activities. Increased developmental activities will also increase vehicular movement in the region
  2. It will result in facilitating marketable surplus and checking price distortion, which in turn will enhance production activities
  3. It will expedite industrial investments
  4. It will provide access to health and educational facilities
  5. It will promote tourism in the region
  6. It will lead to an increase in border trade between Arunachal and other ASEAN countries