GS Paper - 2 (International Relations)

India and France agreed to set up an Indo-Pacific trilateral framework to roll out development projects, decided to expand strategic cooperation and vowed to work closely to deal with pressing global challenges such as food crisis triggered by the Ukraine war.


  1. India and France also decided to expand cooperation in the Indo-Pacific under separate trilaterals with Australia and the United Arab Emirates.
  2. France and India have always supported each other. Such a level of solidarity and trust is "rare and precious" in today's world.
  3. On dealing with the global food crisis, an initiative could be proposed at the upcoming G20 summit in Indonesia to ensure that the most vulnerable countries "don't remain too exposed to these food security issues."
  4. This is the significance of our cooperation at the United Nations Security Council, where France will continue to continue to push for a permanent seat for India.
  5. A French readout listed "Partnership for the Indo-Pacific and a rules-based international order" as one of the three key initiatives agreed by the two ministers.
  6. France and India share a comprehensive strategy for the Indo-Pacific that seeks to provide tangible solutions for maritime security, regional cooperation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity protection, and healthcare.
  7. The other two initiatives are: partnership for the planet and sustainable development, and cultural and people-to-people ties.