Blue Origin launched its next space tourist mission crew on the New Shepard rocket. The mission, called NS-22, carried six passengers on a suborbital spaceflight from West Texas. The suborbital mission lifted off from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One located near the town of Van Horn, Texas.


  1. The crew of the rocket consisted of Dude Perfect co-founder and comedian Coby Cotton, entrepreneur Mário Ferreira, explorer and retired financial manager Vanessa O’Brien, retired U.S. military manager Clint Kelly, engineer and researcher Sara Sabry, and former telecommunications contractor Steve Young.
  2. The area around Launch Site One is also known as Corn Ranch, located near Blue Origin’s test site for their BE-4 engine, which will power both United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur rocket and Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket.
  3. Blue Origin used the Reusable Space Ship (RSS) First Step capsule along with the NS4 first stage booster for the NS-22 mission. The booster of the launch vehicle is also called the Propulsion Module.
  4. Both RSS First Step and the booster (NS4) first flew into space during the NS-14 mission in early 2021. RSS First Step is the same spacecraft that flew on Blue Origin’s first crewed flight, NS-16, which launched on 20 July 2021.