GS Paper - 3 (ICT)

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019, which sought to protect an individual's data over cyber space and regulate the accessibility to personal data by companies and the government, has been withdrawn by the Union Minister of Information and Technology Ashwini Vaishnav said after a joint parliamentary committee suggested 81 amendments to it.

More about the Bill

  1. The Ministry said about the withdrawal of the billwith an assurance of a new legislation that will be framed to meet the global standard laws.
  2. JCP report on Personal Data protection billhad identified many issues that were relevant but beyond the scope of a modern Digital Privacy law.
  3. Privacy is a fundamental rightof Indian citizens & A Trillion dollar Digital Economy requires Global std Cyber laws.
  4. The Bill was introduced on 11 December, 2018and was referred to the joint committee of the houses for examination, and the report of the Joint Committee was presented to Lok Sabha on 16 December, 2021.
  5. The bill had been sent to the parliamentary committeeafter it faced vehement protests who said the data privacy law violated fundamental rights of citizens.
  6. The bill was also criticised by privacy expertsas it was seen as being more in favour of the government rather than protecting privacy, which the Supreme Court held as a fundamental right in 2017.
  7. MetaGoogleAmazonTwitterand other social media companies had expressed concerns about some of the recommendations by the joint parliamentary committee on the proposed bill since it clashed with many of their cyber policies regarding data collection.