NASA on 1 June 2022 said the payload integration of the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission has been completed in the US and it is expected to be shipped to India after testing for integration with the satellite and eventually with the launch vehicle.

More about NISAR

  1. NISAR is a joint earth-observation mission between ISRO and the US space agency NASA.
  2. The radar payload of NISAR, the ambitious joint space projectis scheduled to arrive to India by February 2023.
  3. NISAR will be used for global observations over all land mass, including the Polar cryosphere and the Indian Ocean region.
  4. It is a dual-band (L-band and S-band) radar imaging mission with the capability of full polarimetric and interferometric modes of operation to observe minor changes in land, vegetation and cryosphere.
  5. NASA and Bengaluru-headquartered ISRO signed a partnership on 30 September 2014, to collaborate on and launch NISAR.