GS Paper -1 (Society)

Captain Abhilasha Barak on 25 May 2022 became the first woman combat aviator in the Indian Army. She has been awarded the coveted 'wings' along with 36 Army pilots by the director-general of the Army Aviation during a ceremony held at Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik.


  1. Captain Barak became the first woman officer to join the Army Aviation Corps as combat aviator after successful completion of the combat Army aviation course.
  2. She hails from Haryana and was commissioned into the Army Air Defence Corps in September 2018. The combat aviator is the daughter of Col S Om Singh (Retd).
  3. The Army Aviation Corps is a component of the Army that was formed in November 1986.
  4. The Corps is headed by a Lt Gen rank officer known as Director General of Army Aviation.
  5. With the motto 'Swift and Sure', the youngest corps of the Indian Army is set to further grow in its tactical importance in the battlefield to take further its role of force multiplier.


  1. In 2020, the Navy announced deploying its first batch of women pilots on the Dornier maritime aircraft.
  2. In a significant move, the Army in 2019 began the process of inducting women into the military police.
  3. The role of the military police includes policing cantonments and army establishments, preventing breach of rules and regulations by soldiers, and maintaining the movement of soldiers as well as logistics during peace and war.