GS Paper - 2 (International Relations)

A few days ahead of WEF 2022 annual meeting from 22 May 2022, it has been announced that about 100 innovative tech firms have joined the Technology Pioneers community this year, of which five are Indian start-ups. The 2022 cohort is forging new paths in healthcare, food production and more with cutting-edge technologies with young and growing companies. The 2022 Tech Pioneers are based in 30 countries - with Vietnam, Rwanda and the Czech Republic represented for the first time.

Among the five Indian start-ups:

  1. Vahan - is building a full-stack labour marketplace for blue-collar workers,
  2. SmartCoin Financials - is a tech-driven financial inclusion platform empowering the underserved
  3. Recykal - is Asia's first circular economy marketplace.
  4. Proeon - is creating next-generation plant proteins with superior taste, texture and nutrition
  5. Pandocorp - is making supply chain execution intelligent with a fast logistics cloud