GS Paper - 2 (Polity)

The country’s apex medical education and practice regulator, the National Medical Commission (NMC) put out a set of three draft regulations on the registration of doctors to the National Medical Register, especially after a planned licentiate exam starts.

What are the draft guidelines?

  1. The NMC has released three future-looking draft regulationsLicense to Practice Medicine, 2022; Registration of Additional Qualifications, 2022; and Temporary Registration of Foreign Medical Practitioner to Practice Medicine in India.
  2. These regulations together stipulate the process of registration of doctors in the National Medical Register.
  3. At present, all doctors have to register with their respective state medical councils, without which they cannot practice medicine.
  4. As per the guidelines, Indian Medical Graduates have to complete their MBBS degree from a recognised college, finish their mandatory 12-month long internship, and pass the yet-to-be-implemented licentiate exam called National Exit Test (NExT) for getting their registration.

What is NExT?

  1. The National Exit Test is a proposed examination for granting license and registration for practising medicine in India, similar to the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) for those wishing to practice in the US.
  2. At present, students who complete their MBBS and pass the final exam of their university are eligible to get their license without any such licentiate test.
  3. The exam will act as a country-wide standardised test for passing MBBS, for granting of license, as well as a qualification test for post-graduation courses instead of the current NEET-PG that students have to sit for after they have completed their MBBS and one-year internship.