GS Paper - 2 (Polity)

The Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) on 19 March 2022 became the first in the country to have operationalised the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) programme for conducting a session in paperless mode. The Nagaland Assembly Secretariat has attached a tablet or e-book each on the tables of the 60 members as the Budget session for fiscal 2022-23 which commenced this morning.


  1. This is the medium through which we will be using this NeVA application in the Assembly as part of the pursuit to have a paperless House.
  2. A similar system outside the framework of NeVA has been in operation in Himachal Pradesh while many other state Assemblies are moving in this direction.
  3. Paperless Assembly of e-Assembly is a concept involving electronic means to facilitate all the works of the legislature. It is being done under the supervision of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
  4. Once all other assemblies implement it, Parliament and all state legislatures will be networked together effectively.
  5. The expense for implementing NeVA is funded by the Centre and the state government on a 90:10 sharing basis.
  6. NeVA aims to bring all the legislatures of the country together, in one platform, thereby creating a massive data depository.