GS Paper - 2 (Education)

The Union government launched Kanya Shiksha Pravesh Utsav to bring out-of-school girls back to the education system. Women and Child Development Secretary Indevar Pandey said as of now, only four lakh out-of-school adolescent girls are visiting the anganwadis for nutrition, nutrition education and skilling.


  1. The Kanya Shiksha Pravesh Utsav is being launched by the Women and Child Development Ministry in partnership with the Education Ministry.
  2. Bringing out-of-school girls back to the education system has been the target since the Right to Education Act was promulgated.
  3. The focus is all boys and girls get quality education. We are making constant efforts to ensure no child, especially girls, are deprived of their right to education, govt. said.
  4. The need has arisen because the Scheme For Adolescent Girls (SAG), which initially took care of out-of-school girls, was getting less traction.
  5. In 2018-19 there were 11.88 lakh girls who were beneficiaries under the SAG scheme and the number drastically came down to 5.03 lakh in 2021.