GS Paper - 2 (International Relations)

Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency said after talks in Tehran that they agreed on an approach to resolve issues crucial in efforts to revive the country's 2015 nuclear deal. The announcement came shortly before Russia said it would seek guarantees from the United States before it backs the deal, potentially hoping the agreement could be wrapped up soon.


  1. Atomic Energy Organization of Iran president Mohammed Eslami said the two sides had come to the "conclusion that some documents which need to be exchanged between the IAEA and the Iranian organisation should be exchanged" by 22 May 2022.
  2. The 2015 nuclear deal has been hanging by a thread since the United States' unilateral withdrawal in 2018 under then president Donald Trump.
  3. The landmark accord was aimed at guaranteeing Tehran could not develop a nuclear weapon -- something it has always denied wanting to do.
  4. Russia is party to the ongoing talks in the Austrian capital to restore the agreement along with Britain, China, France and Germany. The United States was involved indirectly.
  5. Its stockpile of enriched uranium has now reached more than 15 times the limit set out in the 2015 accord, the IAEA said.