Prime Minister on 19 February 2022 inaugurated Asia's biggest Bio-CNG plant in Madhya Pradesh's Indore via video conferencing. The PM said that the work is on to set up similar gobar dhan Bio-CNG plants in 75 big municipal bodies across the country in the next two years. The campaign will help a lot in making India's cities clean, pollution free, clean energy.

Facts about the plant:

  1. The plant has been made on PPP model, and the company that made the plant will pay Indore Municipal Corporation Rs 2.5 crore per annum for 20 years.
  2. The technology will help purify the air quality of densely populated cities by mitigating 1, 30, 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
  3. Situated on the Devguradia trenching ground, the plant has the capacity to treat 550 tonnes per day of segregated wet organic waste. It is expected to produce around 17,000 kg per day of CNG and 100 tonnes per day of organic compost.
  4. The plant is based on zero-landfill models, whereby no rejects would be generated. Additionally, the project is expected to yield multiple environmental benefits- reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, providing green energy along with organic compost as fertilizer.
  5. Gobar Dhan plant will enable operation for 400 city buses and 1,500 small vehicles on CNG. 
  6. The government is working on introducing 75 more Bio-CNG plants in 75 other districts and villages to benefit farmers in the animal husbandry sector.