Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 16 February 2022 inaugurated The Energy and Resources Institute's (TERI) latest edition of the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) that deliberate on the planetary resilience in wake of the multitude of extreme weather events across the globe in recent years.

About the Summit

  1. The theme of the summit was 'Towards a Resilient Planet: Ensuring a Sustainable and Equitable Future', the experts at the Summit conferred on a range of pressing issues from climate change, sustainable production and energy transitions to global commons and resource security, among others.
  2. The Summit was also attended by the Ministers of Environment from about a dozen countries, representatives from the United Nations, heads of inter-governmental organizations, and delegates from 126 countries.
  3. TERI is a pioneer in these areas and WSDS 2022 plays a crucial part in accentuating our role in providing technological, policy as well as knowledge solutions as India works towards realising the commitments made at COP26.