GS Paper - 2 (Polity)

The Supreme Court on 31 January 2022 came down heavily on the central government for not taking a stand on the issue of Uniform Civil Code and thereby imposed a fine of Rs 7,500 for its failure to file an affidavit. The top court dismissed Centre's response as an "excuse which is difficult to accept."


  1. The Centre argued in court that the same could not be done within the stipulated time granted by the court, due to the Covid pandemic.
  2. Earlier, a petition had said that the government must publish a Uniform Civil Code draft to end all confusion in the matter of civil liberty, human rights, gender justice and gender equality.
  3. The plea further stated that neither the Supreme Court nor the high court can ask the government to implement Article 44 (Uniform Civil Code), but they can direct the Centre to constitute a committee to prepare the draft.
  4. Uniform Civil Code means - uniform age of marriage, uniform grounds of divorce, uniform maintenance and alimony, uniform adoption and guardianship and uniform succession and inheritance," he added.