GS Paper - 2 (Polity)

The commerce ministry has proposed repeal of decades-old laws pertaining to tea, coffee, spices and rubber - and introduce new legislations with a view to promoting the growth of these sectors and creating a conducive environment for businesses.


  1. The ministry has sought views of the stakeholders on the drafts of the Spices (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022; Rubber (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022; Coffee (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022; Tea (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022.
  2. Public/stakeholders can send their comments on these four draft bills by 9 February 2022.
  3. In four separate office memoranda, the Department of Commerce has said it is proposing repeal of Tea Act, 1953; Spices Board Act, 1986; Rubber Act 1947; and Coffee Act 1942.
  4. It is proposed that" these acts are "repealed and a new legislation is enacted to reflect the present realities and objectives," according to the draft bills.
  5. The principal reason for proposing the repeal of the Tea Act is that there is a paradigm shift in the recent decade with respect to the way tea is grown, marketed and consumed and this necessitates amendment of the existing Act.
  6. According to the draft Spices (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022, there is a need to enable the Spices Board to provide focused attention across the entire supply chain of spices.