GS Paper - 2 (International Organisations)

The theme-setting World Economic Forum (WEF) Agenda on the ‘State of the World’ will see government and corporate leaders talk about critical global challenges, with a special address by Prime Minister ahead of the Davos meeting.

Why is WEF important?

  1. The WEF summit brings together the who’s-who of the political and corporate world, including heads of state, policymakers, top executives, industrialists, media personalities, and technocrats.
  2. Deliberations at the WEF influence public sector and corporate decision-making, especially on the issues of global importance such as poverty, social challenges, climate change, and global economic recovery.
  3. The heady mix of economic, corporate, and political leadership in the Swiss ski resort provides an ideal opportunity for finding solutions to global challenges that may emerge from time to time.

What are the main initiatives?

  1. Agenda 2022 will see the launch of other WEF initiatives meant for accelerating the mission to net-zero emissions, on the economic opportunity of nature-positive solutions, and on cyber resilience.
  2. Bridging the vaccine gap, strengthening the resilience of global value chains besides building economies in fragile markets through humanitarian investing will also be among the discussion topics over the next few days.
  3. How to use data solutions to prepare for the next pandemic will feature in the discussions as well.