GS Paper - 1 (Social Empowerment)

The innovation ecosystem in India is set to get a boost with NITI Aayog launching the country’s first vernacular innovation programme (VIP) which will enable innovators and entrepreneurs in India to have access to the ecosystem in 22 scheduled languages.

About the initiative

  1. The initiative under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), aimed at empowerment of innovators and entrepreneurs.
  2. It will build the necessary capacity for the VIP for which a vernacular task force (VTF) will be trained in each of the 22 scheduled languages.
  3. Each task force will comprise vernacular language teachers, subject experts, technical writers and the leadership of regional Atal incubation centres (AICs).
  4. This programme may well place India globally as the first nation where an innovation ecosystem catering to 22 languages and English is being developed.
  5. The programme will get rolling with a collaboration involving the design department of IIT Delhi to coach the VTF in design thinking and entrepreneurship and the adaptation of these subjects in the 22 languages and cultures.
  6. Furthermore, industry mentors have joined hands to lend design thinking expertise, and CSR sponsors have agreed to support the programme.
  7. On completing the training of the task force over the period of December 2021 to April 2022, the ecosystem will be opened to vernacular innovators.


  1. As per the 2011 census, only 10.4 percent of Indians speak English, most as their second, third or fourth language.
  2. Not surprisingly, only 0.02 per cent of Indians spoke English as their first language.
  3. Local entrepreneurs, artisans and innovators will be able to assimilate the knowledge and technical materials that AIM will develop, which will assist in building a strong local network of design experts and innovation practitioners.