GS Paper - 3 (Space Technology)

A SpaceX rocket carried 52 Starlink internet satellites into orbit from California. The two-stage Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from coastal Vandenberg Space Force Base and arced over the Pacific. The Falcon's first stage returned and landed on a SpaceX droneship in the ocean. It was the 11th launch and recovery of the stage.


  1. Starlink is a satellite-based global internet system that SpaceX has been building for years to bring internet access to underserved areas of the world.
  2. This launch mission was the 34th launch for Starlink, a constellation of nearly 2,000 satellites in low Earth orbit.
  3. Space based Internet is also called Broadband from Space (BFS).

What’s a BFS service?

  1. A high-speed wireless communication to bring internet traffic to a consumer’s home/office via a satellite network in space, also called satellite broadband.
  2. Satellite broadband data speeds can go beyond 300 Mbps, but initial peak speeds are likely 100 Mbps.
  3. A satellite network involves geostationary (GEO) or low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites. The heart of a satellite network operation is an earth station gateway located in a particular region