GS Paper - 2 (International Organisations)

Professor Bimal Patel, Vice-Chancellor, Rashtriya Raksha University and Member of National Security Advisory Board of India, has been elected to the International Law Commission (ILC) for a five-year term starting 1 January 2023 in a hard-fought election at the United Nations.


  1. Patel garnered 163 votes in the UN General Assembly out of 192 members present and voting, topping the Asia-Pacific group that included candidates from China, South Korea and Japan.
  2. The International Law Commission was established by the General Assembly in 1947 to undertake the mandate of the Assembly to “initiate studies and make recommendations for the purpose of “encouraging the progressive development of international law and its codification.”
  3. The Statute of the International Law Commission provides that the Commission shall consist of 34 members “who shall be persons of recognised competence in international law.”
  4. The members of the Commission are to be elected by the General Assembly from a list of candidates nominated by the Governments of States Members of the United Nations.