GS Paper - 3 (Information and Communication)

The government has allowed IndJets India Pvt Ltd (IndJets), a strategic partner of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and global mobile satellite provider Inmarsat, to provide in-flight connectivity (IFMC).


  1. The Union communications ministry has given approval certificate for IFMC to Delhi-based IndJets that offers a variety of services, including in-flight broadband connectivity.
  2. IndJets will provide Indian registered airlines with access to Inmarsat's GX Aviation satellite service that will be supported by BSNL.
  3. GX Aviation services, which operates in the Ka-band, is a high-speed broadband network that works globally.
  4. The service delivers the high bandwidth, reliability and security that commercial and government- grade mobility customer’s demand… Over the following three years.
  5. Inmarsat will launch seven more GX satellites, including its next-generation GX7/8/9 satellites, each of which will add more capacity to a single region than the first four satellites combined.
  6. Ghaziabad is home to the GX gateway for India. Real-time, seamless internet access would allow airlines to refine their on-board services as passengers email and browse.


  1. Indjet joins companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio and Nelco that have already received approvals to offer internet services on-board.
  2. Among the Indian carriers, full-service carriers like Vistara and Air India (now owned by Tatas) would like to offer in-flight connectivity to its flying passengers.