GS Paper - 2 (Transport)

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia announced a new helicopter policy under which dedicated hubs and corridors would be established and landing charges and parking deposits abolished to boost commercial operations.

Under the new policy

  1. The government is going to put together a dedicated helicopter-acceleration cell in the Civil Aviation Ministry that will look at helicopter industry's issues.
  2. There will be no landing charges or parking deposits for heliports or helicopter companies from now onward.
  3. Officers of Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) will engage with the helicopter industry stakeholders so that adequate training is given to all individuals regarding helicopter issues.
  4. An advisory group has been set up in the Civil Aviation Ministry to discuss any pain points of the industry.
  5. Heli-Disha, a booklet that was released on 8 October 2021 in Dehradun, would be given to every collector of every district of the country.
  6. The booklet contained all regulations and issues related to helicopter size, weight, operations, etc, and it would be distributed so that awareness about them is created in the district administrations across the country.
  7. A centralised Heli-Seva portal will be upgraded to a level so that all permissions for a helicopter flight could be granted online.
  8. The government is going to make four Heli-hubs to start with -- one at Juhu in Mumbai, second in Guwahati, third in Delhi and fourth at HAL airport in Bengaluru.
  9. 10 cities and 82 routes have been identified to develop helicopter corridors.