Global payments firm Visa, launched Card-on-File (CoF) tokenization services in India in line with the recently issued RBI guidelines. Launched in partnership with Juspay, India’s first CoF tokenization service is now available across ecommerce leaders such as Grofers, bigbasket and MakeMyTrip.


  1. Card-on-File (CoF) tokenization provides two key benefits – consumer & ecosystem security and an enhanced checkout experience.
  2. The RBI’s recent CoF tokenization guidelines mandate replacing the actual card data with encrypted digital tokens which are then used to facilitate and authenticate transactions.
  3. This devaluation of sensitive card details alleviates risk and reduces vulnerability of sensitive data, as only tokens are present in transit, across the ‘in-rest’ and ‘in-use’ phases.
  4. These new guidelines are expected to enhance consumer trust in ecommerce payments, ensure seamless transaction experience as well allow card issuers the comfort of authorizing a higher number of transactions.
  5. The RBI’s move to allow CoF tokenization for ecommerce payments will revolutionize digital payments across India’s ecommerce platforms, Visa said.
  6. The RBI’s consent for card-on-file tokenization by card networks for transactions on mobile phones, tablets, laptops/desktops, wearables, IoT devices etc. is aimed at making card-based digital payments more secure and frictionless.