GS Paper - 3 (Artificial Intelligence)

Amazon announced new products including a “home robot” named Astro. The robot has cartoony-eyes on a tablet-like touchscreen and comes equipped with a periscope camera and microphone, and can autonomously navigate your house to keep a tab on security or follow you around while you’re on a video call. Astro is the most ambitious product Amazon has made after its Echo smart speaker that helped the company create an ecosystem of household products.

What is Astro?

  1. Astro weighs about 20 pounds and is two feet tall, essentially a robot dog on wheels.
  2. Astro also happens to be the name of the non-robotic dog in The Jetsons. The robot is designed to move around the home and keep a check on pets, and detect something unusual in the absence of the owner.
  3. It comes with a “periscope” camera that pops up from its head and can be used to keep an eye on your home.
  4. Astro is basically a combination of the Echo Show and sophisticated Ring security camera integrated into one single device.
  5. The device captures live videos, recognises faces, plays music or videos, and delivers a beer across the home.
  6. It’s an innovative product that takes advantage of Amazon’s expertise in artificial intelligence and uses cameras and sensors to see and follow you around the home.
  7. Astro’s personality not only helps it communicate intent and offer delightful experiences, but it also evokes emotions like empathy when people use the device.