GS Paper - 3 (Science and Technology)

Former managing director of Mahindra & Mahindra Pawan Kumar Goenka has been proposed as the chairperson of Indian National Space Promotion Authorization Centre (In-Space), the regulator for India's space industry. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet approved the proposal of appointment.


  1. In-Space, formed last year, will also act as a regulator whose rulings would be bound by both the space agency as well as private firms in the country.
  2. In-Space will have members from academia, government as well as industry representatives on its board and will be under the Space Commission.
  3. Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will focus more on building new technologies, human spaceflight programmes and deep space missions and would transfer the operational satellites, rockets, and applications to New Space India Ltd (NSIL).
  4. NSIL is the commercial arm of Isro, which will be the interface to engage with startups and private companies for new applications and use the space infrastructure to build them.


  1. IN-SPACe, the new entity of the Department of Space, will have its own chairperson and board, and regulate and promote building of routine satellites, rockets and commercial launch services through Indian industry and startups.
  2. IN-SPACe, or Indian Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre, is touted as the body that will ensure a level playing field for Indian industry in a fast-growing global space sector. It will function autonomously and parallel to ISRO “without taking away anything from it.