In response to the growing humanitarian needs in the war-ravaged country, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will convene a high-level humanitarian conference for Afghanistan on 13 September 2021. Guterres said that Afghan children, women and men need support and solidarity from the international community.


  1. As the United Nations continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, the Secretary-General will travel to Geneva to convene on 13 September a high-level ministerial humanitarian meeting to address the growing needs in the country.
  2. The conference will advocate for a swift "scale-up in funding so the lifesaving humanitarian operation can continue; and appeal for full and unimpeded humanitarian access to make sure Afghans continue to get the essential services they need.
  3. The situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating after the Taliban seized control of the war-ravaged country. On 15 August 2021, the Afghan government fell soon after President Ashraf Ghani left the country.
  4. The US completed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, ending one of its longest wars.
  5. USA and Coalition forces evacuated more than 123,000 civilians out of Afghanistan and slightly more than 6,000 of them were US citizens.