GS Paper - 3 (Science and Technology)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras is developing an innovative model to tackle electronic wastes (e-waste) by linking stakeholders in the formal and informal economy. It is called "e-Source", the exchange platform that will serve as an online marketplace for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and facilitate a formal supply chain between various stakeholders (buyers and sellers). The initiative is being spearheaded by Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS).


  1. The initiative aims to make 'Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment' (WEEE) a key resource in the evolution of a circular economy by establishing traceability and recovery of post-consumer e-waste in the market.
  2. A novel open-source solution is needed that is data enriched, leveraging the potential of transparency in formalised e-waste handling and management.
  3. E-wastes are typically either completely stripped down for precious metals and other high-value materials or dumped in landfills, without exploring potential re-use and repurposing options. Unscientific recycling methods are harmful for waste handlers and the environment.
  4. E-Source is a unique open-source platform that will evolve towards using machine learning for better traceability of e-waste in compliance with guidelines and help increase the opportunities for repair and re-use of e-waste.