Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has developed India’s first indigenous motorised wheelchair vehicle that can be used not only on roads but even on uneven terrains. Called ‘NeoBolt’, it has a maximum speed of 25 kmph and travels up to 25 km per charge.


  1. It empowers wheelchair users with a convenient, safe and low-cost mode of outdoor mobility when compared to cars, auto rickshaws or modified scooters.
  2. NeoBolt is powered by a Lithium-Ion Battery that will give 25 Kms for every charge.
  3. NeoBolt was developed by Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras, and has been commercialised through a startup called NeoMotion.
  4. The start-up has also developed and commercially launched ‘NeoFly,’ a personalised wheelchair designed to enhance health and lifestyle.
  5. Products with features comparable to NeoBolt are available only in the global market and are at least three to five times more expensive, the institute said.