Saurabh Kewlani is part of a project that has been conferred the prestigious National Science Foundation Innovation-Corps (NSF I-Corps) Teams Award in the United States. Saurabh serves in a leadership role at SoftWorthy, the US startup whose team has been presented with the award by NSF, in recognition of an innovation which will help design reliable, next-generation electronic devices.


  1. Founded in 2020, SoftWorthy develops cutting-edge scientific computing and data analysis tools that address complex engineering problems in the industry.
  2. The company is led by a team of Indian engineers trained at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, and has been working to develop innovative software technology for performing engineering analysis.
  3. Saurabh, also a core contributor to the project, currently guides the team on issues related to IT systems & IT security.
  4. He also serves in various leadership roles in the IT sector, where he advises government & industry bodies in matters of information technology and information security.
  5. SoftWorthy's award-winning project focuses on developing state-of-the-art computational methods for 'stochastic modeling, design simulation and sensitivity analysis' of electronic devices like printed-circuit-boards (PCBs), which are critical for the growth of novel technological applications like driverless vehicles and energy efficient smart buildings.
  6. The software could be utilised by biomedical engineers for development of diagnostic tools with improved detection sensitivity and specificity, and drug discovery platforms with enhanced reconstitution of complex cellular interactions.