India and the United Arab Emirates carried out a naval exercise off the coast of Abu Dhabi on 7 August 2021, in reflection of a rapid upswing in bilateral military cooperation. The Indian Navy deployed its warship INS Kochi and two integral Sea King MK 42B helicopters for the 'Zayed Talwar' exercise.


  1. The UAE participated in the exercise with Al-Dhafra, a Baynunah class guided missile corvette, and one AS–565B Panther helicopter.
  2. The exercise took place amid rising tension in the Gulf region after a drone attack on a merchant tanker off Oman killed a British national and a Romanian citizen over a week back.
  3. As part of the exercise, the ships undertook tactical manoeuvres, over the horizon targeting, search and rescue and electronic warfare drill to enhance interoperability and synergy between the two navies, Indian Navy said.
  4. Helicopters were extensively used all through the exercise ranging from search and rescue operations to the passing of targeting data to ships for simulated missile engagement drills.