The Indian Space Research Organisation formally launched its theme-based merchandise programme with the selection of the first batch of nine registered ISRO merchandisers. Customised ISRO-theme based products can play a 'game- changing' role in creating awareness and kindling interest of the students, children and public, in the domain of space science & technology, propagating the achievements and laurels that ISRO brings to the nation, an ISRO said.


  1. An 'Announcement of Opportunity' had been floated in this regard, where interested agencies were invited to apply to become registered ISRO merchandisers, the Bengaluru- headquartered space agency said.
  2. ISRO also emphasised that the merchandise programme has not been rolled out with a commercial interest; rather, the intent is outreach and creating awareness through common products such as toys, Do-it-Yourself kits and T-shirts, among others, which kindle curiosity and serve as "reminiscence" of ISRO success.
  3. ISRO chairman expressed hope that many more creative enterprises would come forward to make use of this opportunity and create diverse products, highlighting ISROs previous and upcoming efforts, in a manner appealing to the younger generation, as we take the space programme "onwards and upwards".
  4. The registered ISRO merchandisers as on date are Ankur Hobby Centre (Gujarat), Black White Orange Brands Private Ltd (Maharashtra), Indic Inspirations India Private Ltd (Maharashtra), Dhruva Space Private Limited (Telangana), EENGN Private Ltd (Tamil Nadu), Imagic Creatives Private Ltd (Karnataka), Touchstone Enterprises Private Ltd (Karnataka) and Mankutimma Studios Private Ltd (Karnataka) and Specific Impulse Technologies Private Ltd (Punjab).