The first batch of Indian Military Police with 83 women soldiers was officially inducted into the Indian Army on 8 May 2021. The attestation parade of this first batch was held at the Dronacharya Parade Ground of the Corps of Military Police Centre & School (CMPC&S) in Bengaluru.


  1. The Indian Army was originally preparing to induct 100 young women.
  2. However, 17 recruits have been relegated on medical grounds and a failure in tests, which rendered them unable to pass out in this first batch.
  3. Women have been allowed into the army as officers since 1992, this is the first time that women in the “enlisted” ranks will be allowed to serve in the military, with other rank-and-file male troops.
  4. Some 40 per cent of the cadets will be headed for field areas. The remaining will be posted to rear-echelon bases.
  5. The parade was conducted as a low-key event. All Covid-19 protocols were followed.
  6. According to officers in charge of the training of the women soldiers, the army plan is to have 20 per cent of the Military Police (MP) be made up of women.
  7. That means inducting 1,700 women into the Corps over a 16-year period until the year 2037.