Taking an opportunity to unlock the potential of private enterprises in the Indian Space industry, the government decided to allow private players to use the assets of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and formed an autonomous body Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe) under the Department of Space to facilitate the same in June this year. 
Roles and Responsibilities of IN-SPACe
  1. IN-SPACe will be established as a single window nodal agency which will oversee and permit the activities of the private companies into the space sector.
  2. Activities which will be permitted include building of space launch vehicles, satellites and providing other space based services. 
  3. It will also oversee the sharing of the ISRO assets by the private players with due consideration to the present and ongoing projects of the ISRO.
  4. In order to facilitate the entry of the private players in the space domain, the IN-SPACe will also handhold and guide the private players on the issue of technology, promotion and expertise. 
  5. This will help the private players to get a foothold in the space sector. As far as sharing the technology and assets of the ISRO is concerned, the IN-SPACe will allow the private players to use some facilities free of cost while for some other facilities the private players will be charged reasonably. 
  6. They will also be allowed to establish their own facilities within the premises of ISRO based on the safety norms and other standards. 
  7. The government has also made it clear that the decision of the IN-SPACe will be definite and final with regard to the participation of private industries and no direct permission will be allowed to be sought from ISRO by the private players.
Structure of IN-SPACe
  1. The newly formed body will have its own cadre of officials which will be responsible for running day to day operations of the newly formed body. 
  2. The IN-SPACe will consist of four directorates namely- Technical, Legal, Safety & Security, Monitoring & Promotion- which will carry on the functions and mandate assigned to the organisation. 
  3. The body will be headed by the Chairman and have technical experts, members from academia/industry and other members from the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of External Affairs.