According to the released United Nations World Wildlife Crime Report, India and Thailand are the two main countries which are the suppliers of the illegal tiger products in the world. Quoting the World Wise data for the period between 2007 and 2018, the report said that India and Thailand are the main source countries which were traced in the shipments seized in international trade of tiger parts. It also said that the shipments traced to both the countries accounted for 82 percent of the total whole tiger equivalents seized in the world in the same period.
  1. The report also highlighted the fact that since a very small population of tigers in India are captive tigers, most of the illegal seized tiger body products traced to India were likely from the wild life tigers. 
  2. In contrast to India which houses the maximum number of wildlife tigers in the world, Thailand has one of the world’s biggest captive tiger populations and only fewer than 200 tigers are reported to be living in the Wild in the country.
  3. The report also drew attention to the fact that according to some researches conducted on the issue of tiger trade, consumers of the tiger products preferred the body parts and products of the Wild tigers more than the captive tigers as the parts belonging to the former are thought to be more powerful and more effective in its medicinal properties. 
  4. Apart from India being on top in the supplies of the illegal tiger products, the report also highlighted that out of the 155 cases where the nationality of the trafficker could be identified, 18 percent belonged to India, followed by 14 percent Vietnamese and 8 percent Indonesian traffickers. The highest number of traffickers belonged to China at 29 percent.
  5. All the parts of tiger are traded in the international illegal wildlife products market and they are used mostly for medicinal purposes across the world. 
  6. The biggest destination of the tiger parts was China, followed by Thailand and Vietnam. The most valuable body part of the tigers is their bones which are the most sought after parts of their body. The medicines made of the bones of the tiger are used to heal bone, joint and ligament injuries.