In the year 1974 the United Nations declared June 5 as World Environment Day in an attempt to encourage awareness and attempts at protecting the environment. Colombia and Germany are hosting the event with an aim to inspire governments, industries and consumers to find ways to tackle environmental degradation. 
  1. The World Environment Day 2020’s theme is ‘Celebrate Biodiversity‘, and it will be hosted in Colombia, in partnership with Germany
  2. The theme is extremely relevant because human beings are part of the ecosystem and cannot continue to survive in isolation. 
  3. Biodiversity is important for the survival of all living things big and small, on land, or in water. 
  4. We need to understand that while there may be a food chain and ranking of species, every living thing is connected to another living thing, and together it forms a network of diverse life forms on the planet.
  5. Last year’s theme was ‘Air Pollution‘. You can do your bit on June 5, by educating other people and also bringing some lifestyle changes yourself, so as to put less burden on the environment.
  6. Climate change has the potential to damage human life severely. Calamities such as floods and droughts cause damage to biodiversity. 
  7. These calamities are caused by reckless extraction of natural resources through the felling of trees and intensified agriculture. These ramifications of these calamities mean an end to life itself through the death of biodiversity.