Commemorating the Earth Day, a global youth conversation was organised by a UN department on climate action and response to COVID-19, featuring rendition of ‘Earth Anthem’ penned by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay Kumar and sung by well-known singer Kavita Krishnamurti. The UN Department of Global Communications hosted on 27 May 2020 the ‘Youth-Led Community Call: COVID-19 and Climate Emergency,’ which saw participation from youth from around the world in a conversation on climate action and the response to the pandemic.
  1. Director of the Outreach Division in the United Nations Department of Global Communications Maher Nasser opened the discussion, saying that dealing with the COVID19 pandemic, there is a need to think how nations and societies re-build better, taking into consideration the climate crisis. 
  2. On the occasion, ‘Earth Anthem’ penned by Ambassador of India to Madagascar and Comoros and poet Abhay Kumar was screened to commemorate Earth Day and to inspire the youth globally to join hands to fight COVID-19 and climate crisis.
  3. The event was live-streamed globally. Earth Anthem has been put to music by renowned artist Dr L Subramaniam and sung by his wife and singer Krishnamurti.
  4. Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl, the most beautiful planet in the Universe…Diverse cultures, beliefs and ways, We are humans, Earth is our home, All the people and all the nations, One for all and all for one, United we unfurl the blue marble flag, the anthem goes.
  5. The online conversation also focused on the efforts and challenges faced by youth climate activists and environmentalists during the current health crisis and served as a platform for youth to come together and share their perspectives and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic facing the global community.