The Union Cabinet on 4 March 2020 approved an agreement with Ivory Coast for cooperation in the field of health. The areas of cooperation will include exchange and training of medical doctors, officials, other health professionals and experts in the field of advanced medical technology, nuclear medicine, renal transplantation, cardiac surgery, hemodialysis and medical research and regulation of drugs and pharmaceutical products.
  1. It will also include assistance in development of human resources and setting up of health care facilities, management of healthcare sector and public health services including medical evacuations, procurement of generic and essential drugs and assistance in sourcing of drug supplies, collaboration and research in the field of HIV/AIDS and exchange of best practices in the field of primary health care among others.
  2. The MoU was signed between India's Health Ministry and the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene of the West African country, officially called Cote d'lvoire.
  3. A working group will be set up to further elaborate the details of cooperation and to oversee the implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding.
  1. The Western African country was hailed as a model of stability. But an armed rebellion in 2002 split the nation in two. Since then, peace deals alternated with renewed violence as the country slowly edged its way towards a political resolution of the conflict.
  2. Despite the instability, Ivory Coast is the world's largest exporter of cocoa beans, and its citizens enjoy a relatively high level of income compared to other countries in the region.