Obtaining defence and regulatory permissions for aerial photography or remote sensing surveys has become simpler, with the government launching a web portal for quicker permissions and transparency. The new paperless system developed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) came into force from March 1 and hopes to cut down delays, bringing in efficiency. Currently aerial photography and surveys are done for establishing everything from encroachments around the Dal Lake in Srinagar to ensuring reliable power supply to residents in Delhi and mapping of several mineral mines in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.
  1. Aerial surveys are being regularly proposed by various government agencies, autonomous bodies for developmental projects and also by private agencies or individuals for private purposes.
  2. As per the existing procedure, applications for grant of No Objection Certificate (NoC) for aerial photography/surveys received by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) are forwarded to various stakeholders of Single Point Clearance Committee (SPCC) under the MoD for their recommendations. Based on the inputs of the authorities concerned, the Ministry decides upon grant/refusal of NoC.
  3. Done typically using aeroplanes, helicopters and UAVs/drones, aerial surveys help provide information on many things that are not visible from the ground and are much sought after by both the government and private agencies besides individuals.
Geomatics method
  1. The aerial survey is a geomatics method of collecting information by using aerial photography, LiDAR (using laser lighting) or from remote sensing imagery using other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum such as infrared, gamma or ultraviolet.
  2. It can also refer to the Area of Interest (AoI) identified on the basis of Latitude /Longitude nodes, chart or map made by analysing a region from the air.
  3. An IIT-Kanpur incubated start-up now working with several State governments and several corporate houses, explained that drones were capable of clicking 3D images of mines providing accurate data of excavation in mines and was moving to the areas of industrial inspection and precision agriculture.
  4. The newly developed MoD web portal - https://modnoc.ncog.gov.in/login -is aimed at facilitating the vendors for submission of applications online for grant of permission for aerial photography or remote- sensing survey. 
  5. The automated or online system will help in reducing the time, bringing in more transparency, accuracy and speedy disposal of applications for grant of NoC by MoD and permission by DGCA.