China countered India’s views on the recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, saying that most UNSC members had expressed concern over the situation in Kashmir. India’s ministry of external affairs had said that China’s attempt to raise Kashmir at the UNSC had proved to be a failure as most of its members had accepted the Indian point of view on the situation. During this review, most Security Council members expressed concern on the current situation and called for restraint and de-escalation, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, adding, “And this should be settled in a peaceful and political way through dialogue.”
  1. None of the other UNSC members have said they have raised concerns about India’s handling of the Kashmir situation during the meeting on January 15. When this fact was pointed out, Geng said, “China as a member participated in the review meeting and what I said was in line with the review. But if you think this is not true then you can look at other sources.”
  2. He said the Kashmir issue is a dispute left from history and should be properly resolved following the UN Charter, UNSC resolutions and bilateral treaties in a peaceful way. 
  3. The Security Council members are concerned about the current situation and they called upon the relevant parties to observe the charter and resolve disputes peacefully, through political dialogue, and exercise restraint and work on de-escalation.
  4. China has said for years that Kashmir was an issue between India and Pakistan and they should resolve it among themselves in a peaceful manner. 
  5. By taking up the issue at an international forum like the UNSC, Beijing seemed to be changing its own stand. Rejecting this view, Geng said, “China’s position on Kashmir is very clear. We haven’t changed our position. And as we said that issue between India and Pakistan has always been on the UNSC agenda. The UNSC should pay attention to the issue in Kashmir based on the latest developments.”
  6. Geng added, “China will continue to play a constructive role in preserving regional peace and stability. The India side should properly think about and respond to UNSC requests.”