India registered 8,536 crimes under the ‘offences against the state’ category in the National Crime Records Bureau’s 2018 report, a 5% decrease from 2017. Uttar Pradesh accounted for the highest number of crimes under the category, while Sikkim reported the least. Crimes committed by “anti-national elements” also increased in 2018 from 2017.
State-wise split
  1. U.P. registered 2,503 cases under the category, the highest in the country, followed by Tamil Nadu, which reported 2,241 cases. 
  2. Among the States with the least cases, Sikkim recorded three. Undivided J&K reported 281 cases.
Cases by crime head
  1. In 2018, the highest cases were registered under The Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, or PDPP Act (7,127)
  2. The number of sedition cases increased in 2018 from 2017.
Affected States
  1. U.P. reported the most cases (2,388) under the PDPP Act, while Jharkhand registered the most sedition cases (18).
“Anti-National” activities
  1. Crimes by “anti-national elements” (introduced in 2017) include those committed by Northeast insurgents, naxalites and terrorists.