Three cities in Kerala feature among the fastest-growing urban areas across the world, according to a ranking released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey. The three cities — Malappuram, Kozhikode and Kollam — are the only places from India to feature in the top 10 rankings. While Malappuram is the fastest growing city over the past five years with a 44.1 percent change, Kozhikode occupies the fourth slot with a change percentage of 34.5 per cent. Kollam, the third city, has jumped 31.1 per cent, the ranking says.
  1. Thrissur from Kerala also finds a mention in the list at 13th position. Thrissur’s ranking has seen a 30.2 percent jump between 2015 and 2020. 
  2. Gujarat’s Surat comes in at 26th position with 26.7 percent change, while Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur is ranked the 30th fastest growing city in the world in the last five years.
  3. Other than India, the top 10 ranking includes three cities from China and one from Nigeria, Oman, UAE and Vietnam each.
  4. In another ranking released by EIU in September last year, Vienna grabbed the top spot on the Global Liveability Index for 2019
  5. The Austrian capital, which attracts tourists for its classical music scene and imperial history but also has abundant green spaces and excellent public services, last year ended Melbourne’s seven-year run at the top of the survey of 140 cities, helped by an improved security outlook across Europe.
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