Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will attend the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 in Malaysia that would provide him an opportunity to exchange views and find solution to the challenges facing the Muslim world particularly governance, development, terrorism and Islamophobia, the Foreign Office said. The Kuala Lumpur (KL) Summit will be held on December 18-20 and is an initiative of Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir together with the participation of leaders, scholars and intellectuals to exchange views on the current challenges and to work together to address them.
  1. Prime Minister Imran Khan will be participating in the KL Summit on the invitation of Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mohamad Mahathir
  2. The KL Summit would provide Pakistan with the opportunity to exchange views and find solutions to the challenges facing the Muslim world particularly governance, development, terrorism and Islamophobia.
  3. Prime Minister Khan is also scheduled to reconvene the first-ever Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in December in Geneva. 
  4. GRF is the first major meeting on refugees of the 21st century and will be hosted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on December 17 and 18.
  5. The GRF is being organised in recognition of Pakistan’s generosity, hospitality and compassion in hosting Afghan Refugees for over 40 years. 
  6. Japan is well aware of how much Pakistan has suffered and sacrificed in its counter terrorism efforts. Our counter terrorism contributions were publicly acknowledged by the then Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono (now Defence Minister) during his visit to Pakistan in January 2018.
  7. India and Japan recently in a joint statement under their new framework of two-plus-two dialogue voiced serious concern over the threat posed to regional peace and security by terror networks operating from Pakistan and asked it to take “resolute and irreversible” action to contain terrorism.
  8. On August 5, India revoked Article 370 of the Constitution removing special status to Jammu and Kashmir, evoking sharp response from Pakistan. 
  9. Pakistan expelled the Indian High Commissioner soon after deciding to downgrade diplomatic ties with New Delhi. 
  10. India has categorically told the international community that its move to scrap Article 370 of the Constitution was an internal matter and has also advised Pakistan to accept the reality.
KL Summit
  1. The December 18-21 gathering would be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), located near the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in downtown Kuala Lumpur.
  2. The Kuala Lumpur Summit, aims to, among others, to deliberate and find new and workable solutions for problems afflicting the Muslim world, and contribute towards improving the state of affairs of Muslims and Muslim nations.
  3. The summit also seeks to form a network between Islamic leaders, intellectuals, scholars and thinkers from around the world, and revive the Islamic civilisation.
  1. On 17 and 18 December 2019, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and the Government of Switzerland will jointly host in Geneva a world meeting on refugees, the first-ever Global Refugee Forum (GRF)
  2. The two-day global conference is the first gathering at the Ministerial level to follow up on the practical implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees, affirmed at the UN in New York in December 2018.
  3. The aim of the Global Refugee Forum is to accelerate actions by governments, the private sector, international institutions and organisations, the non-governmental sector, and civil society in implementing the new Global Compact on Refugees. 
  4. The Global Refugee Forum is meant to generate impactful commitments and other pledges from these actors, geared towards making tangible, long-term policy and practice shifts to improve the lives of refugees and host communities worldwide.
  5. The contributions that will be made at the Forum are expected to take numerous forms including, for example, financial, material, and technical assistance; resettlement places and complementary safe and legal pathways for admission of refugees; and other actions, such as legal and policy changes to enable greater refugee inclusion in national systems through a whole of society approach.
  6. The Global Refugee Forum will also be an occasion for the international community to showcase and exchange good practices at national, regional or global levels.
  7. The first Global Refugee Forum will focus on six thematic areas: arrangements for burden and responsibility-sharing, education, jobs and livelihoods, energy and infrastructure, solutions, and protection capacity.