French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping on 6 November 2019 issued a joint statement reaffirming their strong support for the “irreversible” Paris Agreement on climate change, from which the U.S. announced its exit this week. The two countries “reaffirm their strong support for the Paris Agreement, which they consider an irreversible process and a compass for strong action on the climate.
  1. The Trump administration has already filed paperwork to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on combating climate change.
  2. The U.S. move is the first formal step in a one-year process to exit the global pact, part of a broader strategy by President Donald Trump to reduce regulation of American industry. But scientists and many world governments are urging rapid action to combat the worst effects of climate change.
  3. The vast majority of national commitments made in the 2015 Paris Agreement are not enough to prevent serious harm from global warming, scientists said in a new research report issued on 5 November 2019.
  4. China and France pledged at this year's G20 summit to “update” their contributions against climate change beyond their current ones to reflect “their highest possible ambition.” The 2015 Paris climate agreement encourages countries to make stronger pledges if they can.
  5. The French President is visiting China for the second time since he took office. During his last trip last year, he said Beijing's flagship ‘Belt and Road’ project to develop global trade infrastructure should not be “one-way.”
  1. The Paris Agreement, in which Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi played instrumental roles, was adopted at the UN climate conference “COP 21” held in the French capital in 2015 with an aim to reduce the hazardous greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Although Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the historic agreement on June 1, 2017, the process began on 4 November 2019 with the formal notification and the US will be out of the pact on November 4, 2020.
  3. Agreement of December 12, 2015 on November 4, 2019. The US had signed the Paris Agreement on April 22, 2016 and expressed its consent to be bound by the agreement by acceptance on 3 September 2016.
  4. In accordance with the provisions of its article 28, paragraph 1, the United States of America could withdraw from the Paris Agreement as from today by giving written notification to the Secretary-General.