In order to promote better management of thermal power plants’ by-product fly ash, which creates air pollution if it is not utilised quickly by manufacturing subsequent products such as cement or bricks, Union power minister R K Singh launched web-based monitoring system and a mobile application named “ASH TRACK” in Delhi on 10 February 2018.

  1. These two platforms will enable better management of the ash produced by thermal power plants by providing an interface between them and potential ash users such as road contractors, cement plants etc. Fly ash disposal is an area of concern for Ministry of Power as about 176 million tonnes of it is generated every year.
  2. Stating that only 63 per cent of the fly ash is being utilised currently, R K Singh, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power and New and Renewable Energy, added that proper management of fly ash is “important not only for the environment but for us also as the ash produced by the power plants occupies a lot of land space”. 
  3. According to calculations by Ministry of Power, a 1000 MW thermal power plant require approximately 250 acres of land to dump its fly ash.
  4. ASH TRACK shows coal based power plants situated within the radius of 100 km and 300 km from the user’s location. 
  5. Therefore, any app user can select power station from where he wants to take fly ash. Ash availability, distance from user’s location, details of contact person will be displayed in the app.