(Not only Test but Mentorship call to all aspirants)


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GS Paper 1 test will be live at 11am on 4th April

GS Paper 2 test will be live at 2pm on 4th April

Both the tests can be given by 11pm on 4th April Only.

Each Test is of 2 hours.

What is KSG's Pre-Aarambh?

Sit for an Exam until it is over, & you will be calmer for the next one...

Perhaps, the above lines are apt as the D-day (UPSC Prelims) is approaching soon and aspirants are already feeling the heat, so it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. KSG IAS is proud to announce "Pre-Aarambh", a simulation of the UPSC Prelims Examination, which is open for all.

There would be Series of General Studies and CSAT tests conducted in Online Mode.

Pre Aarambh 1 to be held on 7th March

Rank announcement: Within 3 days of Test Held

Mentorship call to all the aspirants (who attempts the test) for reverse engineering and marks improvement for the Next Test.

Why are we different?

We at KSG have always believed in maintaining a life-long mentor-student relationship. Our mentors have always been admired for their expertise, patience and ever-ready help. Through Pre-Arambh we get an opportunity to mentor thousand of students across the country. 

Why KSG's Pre-Aaramabh?

Abhyasen to Kaunteya Vairagyen cha Griyahate...

As truly said, by practising any great feat can be achieved, so is the case with UPSC Preliminary Examination. Through Pre-Aarambh aspirants will get a chance to feel the similar condition as they would the day of UPSC Prelims.

We believe in Strength:

We know you are strong, but our efforts are to make you stronger. You will have ample time to take your preparation to the next level using our feedback.

KSG’s Strength : Our Mentorship has proved its mettle in the past. Now all the aspirants who attempt the test , have the chance to interact with the mentors and can prepare for the final Test. 

Who Must Attempt The Test?

If You are going to attempt the CSE Prelims this year, you need to practice beforehand as to what awaits you in the Examination hall. Also, for the aspirants who find Cracking Prelims Examination as Achilles Heel, Pre Aarambh provides them a chance to find out the areas where they need to work even harder and crack the exam. There are certain specified areas on which questions are centered and through Pre Aarambh you can try to find out that.


For the First test to be held on 7th March

60% and above Marks in GS Paper 1

Upto 60% Scholarship

50%-59.9% Marks in GS Paper 1

Upto 40% Scholarship

40% - 49.9% Marks in GS Paper 1

Upto 30% Scholarhip


Subject to Conditions:

  1. Candidate must have Qualified GS Paper 2. Marks above 33% will be taken as qualified.
  2. Scholarship will be applicable only for the forthcoming batches of Test Series, PT destinaire, Current Affairs Classes, Revision Module, Current Affairs Test Series, valid till Prelims 2021.

What will you get?

  1. A real simulation of Civil Services Preliminary Examination ( Papers are set in such a way that you feel the same level )
  2. All India Ranking
  3. Scholarship (If you secure marks in above mentioned Categories)
  4. Post Test Detailed Report & Analysis
  5. Mentorship Call
  6. Targeted Questions framed under guidance of CSE Toppers 
  7. Available in Both English and Hindi
  8. Detailed Explanation of the Questions (Soft copy only)