Why to join Prelims Destinaire?

The most fascinating of the rounds, Prelims Examination is the stage in which you are assessed on your comprehensive studies and understanding of the concepts. The diversity of this stage is not unknown among the aspirants as it ranges from Polity to History, from Geography to Science and all the subjects are passed through Lens of Current Affairs.

Whether This be Your First Attempt or Be it Any Number Attempts:

KSG brings to you a complete package of Prelims Examination. The aspirants who have been working hard day and night, they can get supplements so that their confidence is boosted for Prelims Examination.

The Program is unique in the sense that it will never give a feeling of burden to the aspirants. Even the material in the form of "OTOP" : One Topic One Page will never make any aspirant feel like a burdensome material.

What One Can Expect?

1. Enrichment Sessions of 222+ hours.

2. Daily Test of 20 Questions after the Session.

3. Every 14 Days a Test of 100 Questions over the topics covered in the Preceding 14 Sessions.

4. Static / Conventional Topics will be covered as per our Research of more than 1000 hours done by our team.

5. Diagnosis of the Areas where you need to work Harder through daily tests.

6. "OTOP": One Topic One Page, wherever your question is attempted wrong you will get an Enriched Material over the Topic.

7. OTOP : Highly researched paper over the topic, and one page will suffice over that.

8. Mentor Support as GPS always with you, so that your path can always be charted.

9. One can Expect X-Factors which can have high use value for the Prelims Examination.